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Portrait of Johann Georg Schalch. 1677.

Portrait of Johann Georg Schalch. 1677.

From the original of J. J. Pejer.

Engraving. 395 × 257.

Under the image: Admodum Reverend[us] & Doctiss[imus] Vir D[octor] Joh. Georgius Scalichius | Eccl[esiae] Scaffusianae Pastor et Antistes vigilantissimus. | aetat[is] 68. Ministerij 45. an[no]. 1677, below — two columns of poetic dedication. On the lower edge: J. J. Pejer pinx. Philipp Kilian sculp.

Inv. G 330.

Schalch, Johann Georg (Latin Scalichius, 1609–1686) — Swiss pastor, theologian.

Pejer, Johann Jacob (or Peyer) is an artist of the XVII century from Schaffhausen (Switzerland).

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