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Odesa National Scientific Library

Bibliographic and Publishing Activities

Bibliographic editions are important sources for studying history of science and culture. The library has edited 1500 bibliographies incorporated into fundamental scientific - auxiliary series, totaling more than 500 000 copies. The most popular among the users are «Scientific Odesa» (37 issues), «Literary Odesa» (12 issues), «Authors of Odesa» (23 issues), «Scientists of Higher Educational Institutions of Odesa» (8 issues).

The series «Problems. Hypotheses. Discoveries » covering modern problems of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, ecology (more than 50 issues) are of great demand.

The works of library about ecology and environmental protection are well-known among scientists: «Biology of the Black and Azov Seas», «Geological Structure and Natural Resources of the Black and Azov Seas Area Shelf», «Anthropogenous Eutrophication of the Black Sea and its Consequences», collection of research works «Ecology and Society» (4 issues), «Nature and Natural Resources of Northern Black Sea Coast» (edited since 1936) and others.

According to the national program of the revival of documentary memory of Ukraine the following indexes were published: «Ukrainian Book 1574-1923» (5 issues), «Ukrainian Periodicals», «Wine-making in Moldova and Ukraine» (9858 items), «Historical and Cultural Monuments of Odesa Region» (2116 items).

The joint project of the Library and the Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine resulted in re-editing the scientific collection of series «Eternal Sources of Memory».

The recent socially significant contribution of the library was a fundamental scientific - bibliographic index «Famine in Ukraine 1932-1933» (2001), edited in collaboration with the Institute of Ukrainian History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Works of historiography «Union of Southern Russia Artists», «Olden Odesa: Forgotten pages: Historical Sketches and Memoirs» attract the attention of specialists as well as editions on cultural heritage of Southern Ukraine: «T.G. Shevchenko in Odesa periodicals» (4 issues), «Ivan Franko in Odesa», «Lesja Ukrainka in Odesa», «M.L. Kropivnitsky in Odesa», «I.K. Tobilevich (Karpenko - Kariy) in Odesa», «Galyna Komarivna (Galyna Mychajlivna Komarova)».