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Odesa National Scientific Library

International Relations

The French Centre was opened in the Library in 1998 in accordance with Agreement with French Embassy in Ukraine. More than 3 thousand modern editions in French are at visitors’ disposal as well as an opportunity of viewing the programs of French TV and videos and attending French language courses.

The library has long-term friendly connections with the French artist Suzanne Savari-Polidori, the honorable citizen of Odesa. Since 1995 the library has been organizing her personal collection of book gifts totaling more than 2 thousand documents on economy, politics, and history of world arts.

French Center +38 048 7706201

The Resource Center “Window on America” as part of an outreach program of the US State Department through the US Embassy in Kiev provides information about USA, its politics, economy, history, culture and education. We also hold the collection of documents on human rights of the Council of Europe and regional program “United Nations Association”.

Information resource center “Window on America” +38 048 7706201

In 2000 due to the Agreement between Library and Bavarian House of Odesa and Goethe Institute the German reading room was opened with the substantial collection of books, videos and musical CDs.

German Reading Room +38 048 7770696

The Library maintains fruitful cooperation with Ukrainian Diasporas of Canada, the USA, France, Romania, Australia, Russia and others. According to the Agreement with the Friends of Ukraine Canadian Association the Canadian-Ukrainian Library Center was opened in 1997 with more than 30 thousand documents. Over time considering the users’ growing needs for information Canadian-Ukrainian Library Center has gained the status of the sector “Foreign Ukrainian Hood” in the customer service department.

More than twenty libraries of the world are Library’s partners: the Library of Congress (USA), the National Library of France, the State Library of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia), Oulu Municipal Library (Finland), Romanian Library of Academy of Sciences (Bucharest), the National Library of Russia (St. Petersburg), Russian State Library (Moscow), the Library of Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw), Varna Regional Library “Pencho Slavejkov” (Bulgaria) and others.