Kholostenko Y. Zinovii Tolkachov / Y. Kholostenko. - Kharkiv: Rukh, 1933. - 24 p., 36 p. il, 3 il. on sep. pap. - Circulation 2070 copies.

On the back of the foretitle: "This book was published by the publishing house “Rukh” in a series of monographs about Ukrainian paintings." There is no title on the title page and cover. There is a title of a series - “Ukrainian Painting” on the cover and on the title page of serial monographs published in 1930-1931.

Author of the series design - V. Sedlyar. It’s a paperback copy; the title in Ukrainian and German is on the bookjacket. The sample is in a satisfactory condition, all pages are available, without defects.

It’s the first book mentioning the  work of a famous graphic artist and painter Zinovii Shenderovych Tolkachov (1903-1977), who worked in the fields of monumental and easel painting, book illustration and poster. As in the other books of this series, the album of black and white and tonal reproductions follows the monographic article.

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