Dosvitnii Ol. Na Chuzhyni (In a Foreign Land) / Oles Dorosvitnii. - Kharkiv: The State publisher of Ukraine, 1925. - 29 p.

The book of the Ukrainian writer, politician Oles Dosvitnii consists of two stories.

In the story, "Na Chuzhyni" the author shows the place and role of Chinese rebels in the struggle of the red guardians with the white guardians and their support to the Russian revolution of 1917. The attention of the writer is attracted by the complicated and confusing details of the activities of the revolutionaries, ideological competitions and controversies. The author portrays both the people who are struggling for the revolution and those who are involved in the events that suppress the revolutionary struggle, but secretly sympathize the great liberation mission of the working people.

"Where the Tiunhuis Lives" is a lyric and ethnographic essay about the struggle of the Chinese poor against their "bloodsuckers" and "foreign outlaws". This story is full of deep fellow feeling for the great and wise Chinese people and their history, with sincere sympathy for them in the struggle against their own mandarins and foreign conquerors.

The stories are generously filled with landscapes, pictures of a peculiar way of life, customs of the Tiunhuis that the attentive traveler witnessed.

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