Dosvitnii Ol. Novely: Repentance. What faith is better? T. I / Oles Dosvitnii. - Kharkiv: All-Ukr. State publisher, 1920. - 59 p.

The book of the Ukrainian writer and politician Oles Dosvitnii is a collection of short stories, each of which  varies in subject and form.

The story "Repentance" describes in detail the visit of the Emperor Nicholas II and his family and people in attendance to Kyiv on the occasion of the opening of the monument to Alexander II. The author shows the social and psychological motives of the murder of the Tsar's minister, Pyotr Stolypin, by Dmytro Bogrov during the performance at the theater.

The story "What faith is the best?" is based on the plot of Chinese life. The attention of the author is attracted not so much by exotic of the East, but  by the lives of  people themselves.

The writer uncovers the problem of missionary work on the East and comes to a conclusion that "there is no better faith. Neither Buddha is my God nor Christianity is faith. "

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