Buzko D. Descendants of the brave: a story / Dmytro Buzko. - Kharkiv: Lit. and art, 1933. - 197, [3] p.

The work of Ukrainian writer, screenwriter and public figure - Dmytro Ivanovych Buzko - is about the events in a small village in the Caucasus at the background of the formation of the Soviet Union. The author himself was a victim of Stalinist repression, he had been deported to Siberia and was shot to death “for anti-soviet propaganda”. It is the story of the Kodba family, who experienced collectivization in their village.

… «-Class struggle is being held in our countryside as well. Our distress is that this struggle is confusing, burdened with the remnants of tribal life… How are we supposed to find out who the enemies are, and who are friends… »- the protagonist of the story is pondering. It best reflects the main idea of ​​the work.

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