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The abduction of the Sabine women.1670–1692.

The abduction of the Sabine women.1670–1692.

After the original of P. da Cortona. Са. 1630

Engraving and etching. 413 x 601.

The fields are cropped.

The author and the title of the engraving are determined by means of comparison with similar engravings of P. Aquila that are kept in the British Museum (London) and the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam).

The picturesque original of P. da Cortona is kept in Rome, in the collection of the Capitoline Museums.

Inv. G 605.

Cortona, Pietro da (real name Pietro Berretini; 1596, Cortona – 1669, Rome) – italian artist and architect of the Baroque period.

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