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Dedication page to archbishop Francesco Maria Febei. 1674

Dedication page to archbishop Francesco Maria Febei. 1674

For the publication of "Galeriae Farnesianae icones".

Engraving and etching. 418 x 555.

In the center of the image, on the stone: PRAESTANTISSIMO PRAESVLI / FRANCISCO MARIAE PHOEBEO / VRBEVETANO / ARCHIEPISCOPO TARSENSI / S. SPIRITVS COM-MENDATARIO / FARNESIANAM PINACOTHECAM / a celebri CARACCIO olim depictam / nunc aere incisam / Ioannes Iacobus de Rubeis humillime D. D. D.; in the lower left corner: Petrus Aquila Inu. et sculp .; near the lower edge of the image, in the center: Io. Iacob. de Rubeis formis Romæ ad Templ. S. Mariæ de Pace cū Priu. S.P.

Inv. G 611.

Literature: Nagler, Bd. 1, p. 152; Le Blanc, t. 1, p. 53, № 32–52; Borea E. Annibale Carracci e i suoi incisori // Les Carrache et les décors profanes : Actes du colloque de Rome (2-4 octobre 1986). – Rome, 1988. – p. 548–549.

Carracci, Annibale (1560, Bologna – 1609, Rome) – italian painter of Bologna school, vivid representative of the Baroque style. Carracci's ceiling frescoes in the Palazzo Farnese in Rome in the XVII–XVIII centuries were considered inimatable masterpiece of fresco painting.

Rossi, Giovanni Giacomo de (1627, Rome – 1691, Rome) – representative of the largest publishing dynasty of the XVII century in Rome that was founded in 1615 by his father, Giuseppe de Rossi the Elder (ca. 1570–1639). In 1647, when he reached the adulthood, he became a partner of the company headed by his older brother Giovanni Domenico (1619–1653). The brothers worked at the same address, but each under his own name. In 1659, having bought up the shares of his brothers, Giovanni Giacomo became the only owner of the workshop and raised the family business to the top of success. Among the engravers whose etchings he printed were G.B. Castiglione, Pietro Testa, G.F. Grimaldi, G.B. Falda and others.

Febei, Francesco Maria (1616, Orvieto – 1680, Rome) – prelate of the Catholic church, title archbishop of Tarsus.

Views: 1854

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