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Portrait of Adolf of Nassau. Ca. 1644.

Portrait of Adolf of Nassau. Ca. 1644.

Pictured by P. Soutman.

From the series "Comides Nassoviae" (Princes of Nassau). Engraving. 440 × 360.

Under the image in the center: ADOLPHUS NASSAVIUS, ROM | IMPERATOR etc. Near the bottom: P. Soutman inven: Effigiavit et excud. cum privil P. v. Somp. Sculpt.

Inv. G 333.

Soutman, Pieter Claesz (1580, Haarlem – 1657, Haarlem) — painter, engraver and publisher. Rubens’ student. He founded the studio in Haarlem, where he taught engraving art in the style of Rubens. Among his students were Jonas Suyderhoef, Pieter van Sompe, Cornelis Visscher and Jan Timans.

Adolf of Nassau (1250–1298), Count of Nassau from 1276, German king — since 1292.

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