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Mourning of the Dead Christ. 1694 (printed in 1718).

Mourning of the Dead Christ. 1694 (printed in 1718).

After the marble bas-relief by D. Guidi. 1676
Engraving. 646 x 375.
Under the image on the left: Domenico Guidi Inuen. and sculpture. Rome anno 1676; on the right: Bened. Farjat sculp. Rome 1694. Super. Permis;there is an inscription in the center: ALLA SANTITA DI NOSTRO SIGNORE BEATISSIMO PADRE…; below – the dedication text: SVB SVO DOMINIO ADEPTVM IN ANNO MDCCXVIII.
The original – a marble altar bas-relief of Domenico Guidi, is in the chapel of "Del Monte di Pietà" (Rome).
Inv. G 602.
Literature: Nagler, Bd. 4, p. 248; Le Blanc, t. 2, p. 219, № 8; Inventaire, 1961, p. 142, № 13.

Guidi, Domenico (1625, Carrara – 1701, Rome) – italian sculptor of the Baroque period.

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