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Portrait of Francois Dugue de Bagnols. 1679.

Portrait of Francois Dugue de Bagnols. 1679.

After the original by T. Blanchet.
Engraving. 290 x 233.
The portrait is in a circle on a canvas, the upper edges of which are held by cupids. There are inscriptions in the corners of the canvas: Propria me luce corono. Intendit quia rectus. Vim demonstratonus. Et maiora feret. In sphera versor eadem. There is date at the bottom on both sides of the canvas: 1679.
The author of the engraving and the depicted person are determined by means of comparison with a similar engraving by J. J. Thurneysen, that is kept in the collection of the Palace of Versailles (portal "Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais" in Paris). There are some differences in the engravings. There is date on the print from the collection of the Palace of Versailles: 1668. Our print, in contrast to the previous one, has in the lower field of the canvas, in the center, the coat of arms of F. Duguet de Bagnol. The print similar to that of Versailles, is also in the Art collection of the Veste Coburg Fortress (Coburg, Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg) in Germany, where it was mistakenly attributed as a portrait of Louis XIV.
Inv. G 371.

Blanchet, Thomas (ca. 1614, Paris – 1689, Lyon) – french artist, draftsman, engraver, architect and sculptor. He worked in Lyon for most of his life.

Dugué de Bagnols, François (ca. 1610–1685) – Master of Requests, member of the Royal Council (1643), intendant of justice, police and finance in Normandy. In 1666-1682 he was the intendant of Lyon.

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