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Portrait of State Counselor Daniel Voysin. 1668.

Portrait of State Counselor Daniel Voysin. 1668.

After the original by P. Mignard.
Engraving. 345 x 275.
The fields around the image are cropped.
The author of the engraving and the depicted person are determined by means of comparison with a similar engraving of N. Pitau, that is kept in the British Museum (London).
Inv. G 387.

Mignard, Pierre (Mignard le Romain) (1612, Troyes – 1695, Paris) – french artist of the times of Louis XIV, younger brother of Nicolas Mignard.

Voysin, Daniel (?–1693) – councillor at the Grand Conseil (1640), Master of Requests (1646), intendant of Auvergne (1654-1655), Champagne (1656). From 1663 to 1666 he was a commissar at the trial of the former general inspector of finance in France, N. Fouquet, a merchant prévôt of Paris (1662–1668), member of the State Council (1666). In 1679 he was commissar of the Chamber of Justice in the Affair of the poisons.

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