The old engraving
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Carrying the Cross. 1684–1703.

Carrying the Cross. 1684–1703.

After the original by P. Mignard. 1684
Engraving, etching. 573 x 755.
The fields are cropped.
Below the image, on the stone: P. Mignard trecensis in. and pinx. G. Audran sculpsit et excudit cum priuil. Regi.
The original of Pierre Mignard is in the Louvre.
Inv. G 659.
Literature: Nagler, Bd. 1, p. 190; Le Blanc, t. 1, p. 91, № 30; Robert-Dumesnil, t. 9, p. 258, № 10; Duplessis, p. 21; Inventaire, p. 127, № 12.

Mignard, Pierre (Mignard le Romain) (1612, Troyes – 1695, Paris) – french artist of the times of Louis XIV, younger brother of Nicolas Mignard.

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