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Portrait of Pierre Loisel, Doctor of Theology.

Portrait of Pierre Loisel, Doctor of Theology.

After the original by F. Lemaire.
Engraving. 270 x 225.
There is an inscription on the perimeter of the oval frame: PETRVS LOISEL, DOCTOR SORBONAE SOCI.’, PARISIENSIS CANCELLARI.’, S.TI IOANNIS PASTOR; below, near the inner edge of the frame: Franc. le Maire ping. ad viuum; near the outer edge: Steph. Picart romanus sculp. et excud. C.P.R.
The lower edge of the engraving with a poetic dedication is cropped.
Inv. G 369.
Literature: Nagler, Bd. 11, p. 256, № 10; Le Blanc, t. 3, p. 197, № 60; Bryan, v. 4, p. 112.

Lemaire, François (1620–1688) – french portrait artist.

Loisel, Pierre (1606, Compiègne – 1679, Paris) – doctor of theology at the Sorbonne, from 1637 – prior of the church of Saint-Jean-en-Grève in Paris.

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