Dumytrashko K.D. Zhabomyshodrakivka (Batraxomiomaxia) / translated into our Russian language K.D. – St.Pb. : Ed. V. Askochensky. Print. E. Weimar, 1859 - 29 p.

Among the figures of Ukrainian literature of the first half of the 19th century stands out an extraordinary figure of the writer Kostiantyn Danylovych Dumytrashko (lit. pseud. – O.D. Kopytko). In 1859 he published a burlesque and travesty poem "Zhabomyshodrakivka", which is a free translation of an ancient Greek parody poem "Batraxomiomaxia", published in 1859 in St. Petersburg as a separate edition.
The author unfolds the plot on national material, reproducing in an allegorical form some moments from the dramatic history of Ukraine. The poem became a noticeable phenomenon in parody literature of the first half of the 19th century and the first attempt to transfer a six-syllabic verse size from ancient into Ukrainian poetry.
A copy of Odesa National Scientific Library was previously stored in the private collection of Mykhailo Komarov (1844-1913), a famous Ukrainian bibliographer, ethnographer, public figure, as evidenced by the owner’s stamp on cover and the title page.

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