The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Portrait of Jean-Antoine de Mesmes, Comte d'Avaux. 1713.


From the original of Troy.

Engraving. 310 x 217.

There is the inscription on the perimeter of the oval frame: JOAN. ANT DEMESMES COMES D'AVAUX, REGI. A SANCT CONSIL, below the frame: De Troyes pinx. Thomassin sculpt. Reg. 1713, lower on the right: 1713.


Troy, François de (1645-1730) – French portrait artist, the representative of the artist dynasty of Troy. The main artist of the English King James II at the exile in the Saint Germain Palace. The director of the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. He painted portraits of all the royal family, many of the court dignitaries, their wives and daughters.


Mesmes, Jean-Antoine III de, comte d'Avaux (1661-1723) -

the first President of the French Parliament, the member of the French Academy.

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