Books published in Ukrainian during 1801-1922

Martovych L. Tricky Panko and other stories. - 2nd edition. - Lviv: Published by Knyg.-publishing house. union "Narod". Printing. Stavropyg. Inst. Under the management of Y. Sydorak, 1922. - 119 p. – Contents: Flower on the heel; Here is mine; An evil deed; Quadrille; Loomer; Log in; Ivan Rylo. Od2

"Cunning Panko" is a story by Les Martovych. On October 6, 1900, a large meeting (viche) of the peasants of Eastern Galicia took place in Lviv, in which about 1,000 people took part. Newspapers wrote then that it was a "parliament of Russian boys." The Regional Boys' (peasants') election committee was elected there, and L. Martovych was a member of it. On October 20, this election committee appealed to the "boys and workers of the Russian land" to elect such deputies (ambassadors) who would "overthrow" the parliament, which was based on privileges, on the domination of some classes over others, who would achieve direct, general and equal voting rights.

Active participation in the elections, speeches in front of the peasants, the struggle for the election of representatives of people's interests as deputies gave L. Martovych rich material for satirical exposure of the elections, which were always accompanied by bribery of voters, violence against their will, and fraud. And the writer continued the development of the theme, which was started with the fairy tale "Ivan Rylo". In the same year 1900, he wrote the story "Cunning Panko". It appeared in the newspaper "Hromadsky Golos" at the beginning of 1901, and in 1903 opened the collection "Cunning Panko and other stories".

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