Books published in Ukrainian during 1923–1945

Dosvitny, Oles. Who: a social novel / Ol. Antelucan. Kharkiv: Book Union, 1927. 190, [1] p.

Dosvitny Oles (real name - Oleksandr Fyodorovych Skrypal - Mishchenko) (November 8, 1891, Vovchansk - March 3, 1934, Kharkiv) Ukrainian writer of the Shot Renaissance era. Belonged to literary organizations "Plough", VAPLITE, VUSPP.

In the novel "Who", the author submits to the reader the materials sent to him without any comments. The reader learns about certain events taking place in the USA and France from the letters exchanged between the heroes Nero, Leo and Leah.

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