Regel A. Graceful gardening and artistic gardens: a historical and didactic sketch. - St. Petersburg: Publishing house. G. B. Winkler, 1896 .-- 448 p .: ill.

The work of engineer, dendrologist, expert of landscape art A. Regel introduces readers to the history and variety of styles of gardens in the East, Europe, America and Russia , from antiquity to the end of the XIX century. Here you will find information about the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis and Pliny's Villa, the gardens of the Mughals and Metzalkoatl, visit the Alhambra, China, Japan, Sans-souci, Monceau, Boulogne and Vincennes parks and other amazing comers of the Earth. A separate section is devoted to garden architecture, division of regular and natural gardens and parks. The book is luxuriously illustrated with photographs and a large number of plans and drawings (including examples of incorrectly made gardens).

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