Books published in Ukrainian during 1923–1945

Antonovych D. Three Hundred Years of Ukrainian Theater, 1619–1919 / D. Antonovych. - Prague: Ukr. soc. publ. fund, 1925. - 272, [4] p. - Bibliogr .: p. 228–256. – Index: p. 257–272.

 The author of the book D.V. Antonovych (1877-1945) - Ukrainian theater and art expert. Since 1919 - in emigration. He lived in Prague, where he published his most important works on the history of Ukrainian art and its outstanding representatives.


The book is about the history of Ukrainian theater, starting from the genesis of school theater at clerical educational institutions and folk portable puppet theater at the beginning of the 17th century. Separate chapters are devoted to the professional theater of the 19th century (including serf) and so-called domestic theater (first of all the coryphaeus theater) of the end of 19th – beginning of 20th century. The final chapter, “Revolution in the Theater (1917-1919),” displays the dramaturgy of O. Oles and V. Vinnychenko and the activity of the Young Theater under the direction of L. Kurbas.

On the back of the title page - stamp of the Ukrainian social publication fund. A copy of ONSL in hardcover, publishing paper cover preserved. The book is in satisfactory condition, all pages are available, without significant defects.


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