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Hrushevsky MS Introductory lecture on the ancient history of Russia, delivered at Lviv University on September 30, 1894 / MS Hrushevsky. - [Lviv: b. v., 1894]. - 11 p. - Imprint from: Zap. Science. TV in them. Shevchenko. 1894. T.4. Pp. 140-150.

An introduction to the ancient history of Russia was recited by M.S. Hrushevsky, a Ukrainian historian, public and political figure, on September 30 (October 12, N.S) in 1894. The scientist considers the only hero of history the people, the masses, and believes that the purpose of history is to "understand the state of the economic, cultural, spiritual issues of the masses, its adventures, its desires and ideals."
For the first time it was published in the journal: Notes of the Shevchenko Scientific Society - 1894. - V. IV. - P. 140-150.
Signed: M. Hrushevsky.

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