Books published in Ukrainian during 1801-1922

Ukrainian nativity scene

Brochure in a later cardboard, original data on p. 1 of paper book cover and on the cover sheet are different. On the p. 2 of the cover in the address "To readers" the organizer explains that due to the difficult print conditions, as well as revolutionary events and the evacuation of the publishing house from Petrograd to Kyiv, the book came out two years later than the scheduled date, and, due to the decline of the printing industry, it was without note applications. The organizer considers that the main task of the book is to introduce the readers - first of all, schoolchildren - to the history of the vertep in Ukraine and with the full text of the vertep play of the XVIII century, that was first published by Markevych (see: Customs, Beliefs, Kitchen and Drinks of the Little Russians - Kyiv, 1860).

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