Books published in any language during 1801-1860 on the territory of modern Ukraine

Popruzhenko, M.G.  Odessa city public library, 1830–1910: (historical essay) / MG Popruzhenko. - Odessa: "Slavic" type. E. Chrysogelos, 1911 (Odessa: ONNB, 2016).

The book of M.G. Popruzhenko, head of the Odessa City Public Library in 1896-1919, is the first scientific history of the library, based on numerous archival documents, library records, and memories of people, printed sources. Here you can find information about the first librarian A.F. Spada, his successors: Professor N.N. Murzakevich, nephew of the founder of Odessa, Joseph de Ribas, M.F. De Ribas, etc. Especially were mentioned people who constantly supported libraries financially – first of all the famous Odessa patrons G.G. Marazli and Count M.M. Tolstoy (sponsor of the Library since 1897). In the end of the book there is a description of the celebration of blessing and opening of the new building on Kherson (Pasteur) street, built in 1907 especially for the library designed by F. Nesturkh.

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