The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

The Judgement of Paris. 1660–1670.

The Judgement of Paris. 1660–1670.

After the original by P. P. Rubens. Ca. 1635.

Engraving. 435 x 620.

The fields are cropped.

There is a handwritten inscription in the lower right corner: Lomelin; in the left: Rubens.

The author and the title of the engraving are determined by means of comparison with a similar engraving of A. Lommelin, that is kept in the British Museum (London).

The original of P.P. Rubens is in the Dresden Art Gallery (Germany).

Inv. G 651.

Rubens, Pieter Paul (1577, Siegen – 1640, Antwerp) – flemish painter, one of the most prominent representatives of the Baroque period, diplomat, collector.

Views: 1490

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