The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Camp. Ca. 1670.

Camp. Ca. 1670.

After the original by P. Wouwerman.

Engraving, etching. 340 x 385.

The fields are cropped.

Under the image on the left: Philips Wouwerman pinxit; on the right: Dancker Danckerts excudit.

The author of the engraving is determined by means of comparison with a similar engraving of J. de Visscher, which is kept in the British Museum (London).

Inv. G 458.

Literature: Nagler, Bd. 20, p. 410 № 28 (3); Le Blanc, t. 4, p. 135, № 34 (III state); Wurzbach A. von. Niederländisches Künstlerlexikon. Bd. 1–2. – Amsterdam, 1906–1910. – Bd. 2. – p. 799, № 44.

Wouwerman, Philips (1619, Haarlem – 1668, Haarlem) – dutch painter of the Baroque period, one of the outstanding artists of the Golden Age of Holland.

Danckerts, Dancker (1634, Amsterdam – 1666, Amsterdam) – representative of the famous Amsterdam family of engravers, cartographers and publishers. Son of Cornelis I Danckerts (1604–1656), brother of Justus Dunkerts.

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