The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

The Golden Age. 1604

The Golden Age. 1604

After the original by A. Bloemaert.

Engraving. 425 x 656.

The fields are cropped.

There is an inscription in Latin in the lower left corner of the engraving in the cartouche: Aurea Saturno rutilabant secula ... / ... opes. / 1604.

The author and the ешеду of the engraving are determined by means of comparison with a similar engraving of N. de Bruyn, that is kept in the State Museum in Amsterdam.

A. Bloemaert's original, an ink and pen drawing, is in the Städel Museum in Frankfurt am Main.

Inv. G 583.

Bloemaert, Abraham (1566 Gorinchem – 1651,         Utrecht) – dutch painter.

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