The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Portrait of Jan Karol Chodkiewicz

Engraving. 175 x 122.

Under the image: Ioannes Carolus Chodkiewicz  Comes in Szklow  Mysz et Bychow Palatinus Vilnensis. exercituum Mag. Duc. Lith. et contra Osmanum. Turcarum Imperatorem Regni Poloniae Gnalis Belli Dux, below, on the left: Petr. de Jode sculpsit, on the right: Iohannes Meyssens excudit Antverpiae.

Inv. G 161.

Meyssens, Jan (Joannes) (1612 – 1670) – flemish painter, engraver and printer. Known as a publisher of the book Image de divers hommes d'esprit sublime qui par leur art and science (1649), where the engraved portraits of the artists and other famous people of that time are collected.

Chodkiewicz, Jan Karol (1560-1621) – a military man and a politician of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the great Lithuanian  Hetman(1605-1621).

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