The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Odesa. View of the City from Zovnishniy Boulevard. 1880s.


Engraving on steel. 125 × 1060.

Under the image: Грав. Юлий Берндт, Лейпциг. Gest. v. Julius Berndt, Leipzig. Издание Эмиля Берндта, Verlag v. Emil Berndt, Odessa.

Inv. G 4.

Berndt, Emil (?–1908) — the owner of a bookstore in Odesa, a publisher. German by origin. Since 1864 — co-owner of the bookstore of Ludwig Rudolf (founded in 1839), since 1866 - its owner. In 1903, he transferred his shop to son, Julius Berndt, who later sold it to Simon Natanson. By 1920, the store kept the name of the former owner, Emil Berndt. Illustrations for books, engravings issued by his bookstore, were printed in Leipzig. Since 1875, Leipzig had a publishing house for children and youth literature (formerly of Rudolf Chelius).

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