The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Old Odesa. 1870s

Old Odesa. 1870s

Fragment of panorama "View of Odesa from the sea".

Color lithography. 110 × 200.

Inv. G 9.

Bekel Herman Ivanovych (Herman-Alvin) (1831–1889) — an owner of a lithograph workshop in Odesa. German by origin. At first, he worked at the printing house of L. Nitzsche. Since 1866 — the owner of a private lithographic workshop, since 1873 — of a printing house. Member of the Fedorovsky Society of Printing Industry Workers. After Bekel’s death, typolithography moved to his widow Maria (Maria-Amalia) Ivanovna Bekel (maiden name Gagelberger), in 1896 — to his sons — Herman and Wilhelm.

The institution worked until 1899. The printing house was lo-cated on 29, Poshtova Street (in the former house of Johann Gagelberger).

«Louis Glaser» is a printing house founded in Leipzig in 1868 by Louis Glaser (1842–1911), which worked with typography and lithography, and used phototypes, photochemical processing and photography for reproduction. He gained fame thanks to the method he invented (Glaser Process) for printing monochrome images, including photographs, using at least five different lithographic limestones. In 1874 or in May 1875 with the enterprise of Karl Garte in "Publishing House Glaser and Garte". In 1881–1882, Louis Glaser established his own art publishing house. He created many postcards, souvenir albums with views of different cities and countries, printed in semitones.

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