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Portrait of Teresa Brambilla as Norma. 1852-1853.

Portrait of Teresa Brambilla as Norma. 1852-1853.

From the original of B. Amiconi. 1851.

Lithography, watercolor. 234 × 188.

On the image in the lower left corner: F. Gross. Under

the image on the left: Dess. d’après Amiconi, on the right: Lith. de Franzoff et Nitsche, in the center: Teresa Brambilla. At the bottom of the sheet there is a dedicatory inscription: À madame la comtesse de Tolstoy en temoignage de respectueuse considération. Odessa mars 1853. [For Madame Countess Tolstaya as a sign of sincere respect].

Inv. G 40/13.

Amiconi, Berardo (Bernardo) (1825, Italy – 1878, London) — an Italian painter. In youth he traveled a lot, he visited Odesa in 1853. Later, he settled in London. From 1859 to 1874, he was exhibited annually at the Royal Academy of Arts. During this time, he presented twenty-two works, mostly portraits. He died on January 8, 1878. The portrait of Teresa Brambilla in oil on canvas by Berardo Amiconi (1851) is located in the La Scala Museum of Milan.

Brambilla, Teresa (1813–1895) — an Italian singer. In 1851–1853, she toured in Odesa.

Tolstaya, Kateryna Mikhailivna (1801–1866) – a countess, wife of a count Mikhail Tolstoy (1800-1891), who started the Odesa branch of Tolstoys family.

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