The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Portrait of Cardinal Guillaume Dubois. 1724.


After the original of H. Rigaud. 1723.

Engraving. 480 × 350.

Below on the left: Peint par Hyacinthe Rigaud 1723, on the right: Gravé par P. Drevet 1724; in the center: Guillaume Cardinal Dubois, Archevesque Duc de Cambray, Prince du St. Empire. Premier ministre. Ne le 6 Septembre 1656. mort le 10 Aoust 1723.

Original in oil by H. Rigaud is stored in the Cleveland Art Museum (USA).

Inv. G 361.

Dubois, Guillaume (1656–1723) is a French cardinal, archbishop of Cambrai (1720), the first minister of France (1722).

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