The old engraving
culture heritage of Ukraine

Portrait of Jean-Grégoire Tarrisse. Ca. 1648.


From the original of the monk Benedictine Etching and stipple engraving. 307 × 210.

Under the image: R. P. D. Gregorius Tarrisse Superior | General Cong. S. Mauri. | Obijt An 1648 Die 25 Sept, Aetatis Suae 74, below, in the corners — on the left F. Donstan Pin.; on the right: Morin Scul. Cum Pri Re.

Inv. G 376.

Tarrisse, Grégoire (secular name — Jean Tarrise), (1575–1648) — french monk Benedictine, first general dean of the Congregation of St. Maur (Congrégation de St. Maur), 1630–1648.

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