Shevchenko T. Maria Mother of Jesus: verse of Taras Shevchenko / from notes of M. Dhahomanov. Geneva, 1882. – 66 p. – Ukrainian book, Latin script.

During 1869-1883 the works of T. Shevchenko were banned from publishing in the Russian empire, and those published earlier or later were censored. In the distribution of the poet's works, including those forbidden in the empire, foreign publications that crossed border illegally, played great role among Ukrainian readers. Important meaning for the publication and distribution of Ukrainian books was the public movement in Switzerland, where in 1870-1880s "Geneva Circle" worked, headed by Mykhailo Drahomanov, and Free Ukrainian publishing house founded in 1876 in Geneva by him (its head was A. Liakhotsky in 1878-1918). Among the editions is the poem "Maria" by T. Shevchenko, published by M. Drahomanov in 1882. M. Drahomanov published this poem with his preface and comments.
A copy of Odesa National Scientific Library was previously stored in the private collection of Mykhailo Komarov (1844-1913), a famous Ukrainian bibliographer, ethnographer, public figure, as evidenced by the owner’s stamp on cover and the title page.

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