Sincere Tears over Grave of P.O. Kulish: [collection]. - Geneva: Ukrainian print, 1897. - 25 p.

In 1897 a collection of poetry dedicated to the memory of Panteleimon Oleksandrovych Kulish (1819-1897) - Ukrainian writer, folklorist, ethnographer, linguist, translator, critic, editor, publisher, philosopher of history; author of the first phonetic alphabet for the Ukrainian language, which is the basis of modern Ukrainian spelling, appeared in Geneva Ukrainian printing house, founded by Mykhailo Drahomanov in 1876, where Ukrainian literature was published. Among the authors of works that are in this collection - Lesya (O.M. Kulish-Bilozerska), P. Bezlyudnyi, I. Troitsky, Nadezhda B. (N.O. Bilozerska (Hen)).
A copy of Odesa National Scientific Library was previously stored in the private collection of M.F. Komarov (1844-1913), a famous Ukrainian bibliographer, ethnographer, public figure, as evidenced by the owner’s stamp on cover and the title page.

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