Books published in Ukrainian during 1801-1922

Shkurupii H. King of futuropreries. Psychetoses: the third showcase / Geo Shkurupii. - Kyiv: Panfuturysty, 1922. - [28] p., [2] l. illustration

The debut poetry collection of one of the leaders of the Ukrainian literary avant-garde, Geo Shkurupia, was published by the Golfstorm publishing house in 1922 in an edition of 1,200 copies.

The poems of the collection have no punctuation marks at all. The covers of the collection contain the provocative sayings "King of the Futuroprairies", "Words of Iron and Porcelain in Goblets and Tanks", the warning "Beware of fakes" and illustrations-posters.

Geo Shkurupii is a Ukrainian writer who actively entered the literary life in the 20s, acting simultaneously as a futurist poet, a talented prose writer, and an extraordinary reporter. Shkurupii's works are deeply permeated with Ukrainian patriotism, pride and love for his homeland. He always sought to bring Ukrainian literature closer to the Western European and American level.

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