Books published in Ukrainian during 1801-1922

Lutsenko I. New life / I. Lutsenko ; "Peasant self-education" edition. – Odesa: Print. of the Provincial Commissariat of Education, 1918. - 15, [1] p.

Ivan Mytrofanovych Lutsenko (1863–1919) took an active part in the creation of the Odesa "Prosvita" and published the first Ukrainian newspaper in Odesa, "Narodna sprava", was the head of the Odesa "Ukrainian Club". Together with the writers Mykola Voron and Ivan Lypa, Lutsenko founded the publishing house "Odesa Literary Union", which took part in the publication of the almanacs "From above the clouds and from the valleys" (1903) and "Bagatya" (1905).

Ivan Lutsenko's work "New Life" was printed in 1918 in Odesa at the expense of the "Peasant Self-Education" society as a supplement to the weekly newspaper "Our Village", which published the works of the best Ukrainian writers and scientists. Nine booklets containing the works of Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Stepan Rudansky, and Leonid Hlibov were published. "New Life" is the latest application released. Taking into account the message of the editors: "Due to the lack of paper, the supplement to this number is given in half", it can be said that the collapse of the book publishing activity of the society was caused by financial difficulties.

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