Book collection MF Komarova (1844-1913)

In eternal memory of Tarasova Shevchenko: (poetic anthology) / collected and published [and author. Preface] Volodymyr Supranivskyi. – Zlochiv: Printed by V. Supranivskyi and Branch T-va "Prosvita" in Zlochiv. Printing. J. Lyandesberg, 1910 [obcl. 1911]. – 158, [2] p.: portrait. - On the obcl. after the title: On the 50th anniversary of his death. - On the obcl. also portrait T.G. Shevchenko/ - Bibliogr.: [Kn. about T.G. Shevchenko]: p. 149-155.

"IN ETERNAL MEMORY OF TARASOVA SHEVCHENKOV" is a poetic anthology. Published in 1911 in the city of Zolochiv (now Lviv region) in the printing house of Y. Landesberg on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of T. Shevchenko. Compiler-publisher and author of "Foreword" - V. Supranivskyi. Zolochiv paid for the production of the edition (5,000 copies). a branch of "Prosvita" company. The book, as can be seen from the title, was already ready in 1910, but the funds for publication. then it was not enough. The discrepancy between the dating on the title and the cover gave rise to the idea that the book was published in two editions. Zolochiv's report confirms the release of the 1911 anthology. branch of the "Prosvita" society for 1910 ("Letter from Prosvita", 1911, No. 4), where there is no information about the production of the edition. On the back of the book's title it is indicated: "All net income is allocated to the Taras Shevchenko monument in Kyiv."

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