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Bomberg C. Choral Melodies Collected and Published in the Christian Hymnal Book [Notes] / by cantor E. Bomberg at the evangelical church in Odessa. - Odessa: the publisher, 1824. - [1], 791-803,76 s. : notes.

Choral (hymn) is the common name of traditional (canonized) one-voiced songs of the western Christian church. Unlike all kinds of spiritual songs, choir is performed in the church and is an important part of worship, that determines the aesthetic qualities of the choral.
Protestant choral is a unique phenomenon of musical art. The choir was introduced into the liturgy of church service under the influence of the teachings of Martin Luther (1483-1546), a German reformer, founder of Lutheranism, doctor of theology. The basis of his work was his deep belief that the Word of God, recited in the Bible, is dead and inactive until it is proclaimed and announced.
The collection includes choral melodies with lyrics of hymns arranged by E. Bomberg, cantor of evangelical Lutheran church of St.Pavel in Odesa It is notable that the year of publication of the collection coincides with the time of foundation of Odesa Lutheran church, which took place on April 27, 1824.

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