Periodicals in Greek, published in Odessa in the early twentieth century

Odesa Chronicles: Witnesses of History on the pages of Greek-Language Periodicals of the Early 20th Century.

For many years, ONSL has maintained relations with partners in international cultural cooperation - Embassy of the Greek Republic in Ukraine, Consulate General of the Republic of Greece in Odesa and Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Odesa.

More than 2,700 pages of Odessa Greek-language newspapers Cosmos (1906-1916), Phos (Light, 1909-1911), Hellenikos Astyr (Greek Star, 1913-1916), Ilios (" Helios", i.e. "Sun", 1916-1917) and "Anagennisis" ("Renaissance", 1917) were previously inaccessible due to a special storage regime. Upon completion of the project, they will become available to a wide range of researchers of Odesa and, in particular, the social, cultural, political and economic life of the Greek community in Odesa and abroad.

These newspaper treasures, carefully kept for many years in the collection of the oldest public library in the country - Odesa National Scientific Library, provide an opportunity to be acquainted with the history, politics, literature, scientific achievements of the Greek people, travel back in time and see the world through the eyes of previous generations.




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