International scientific-practical conference "UKRAINE: HISTORY, CULTURE, IDENTITY"                

Information letter №1, July 9, 2021



International scientific-practical conference


The 30th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence

Odesa, August 19-20, 2021


Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine

State Archival Service of Ukraine

Department of Culture, Nationalities, Religions and Protection of Cultural Heritage of Odesa Regional State Administration

Southern Interregional Division of the Department of National Remembrance Policy Implementation in the Regions of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance

Odesa National Scientific Library

Holodomor Research Institute of the National Museum of the Holodomor

Faculty of History and Philosophy of Odesa National I. I. Mechnikov University

Odesa Ethnological Society

Odesa Branch of the National Union of Local Historians of Ukraine

Council of Representatives of National Cultural Societies of Odesa Region

NGO "International Center for Work with Ukrainians Abroad"

NGO "Ukrainian Club of Odesa"

NGO "Bibliopolis"



According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 459/2020 "On the Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence", given the historical significance of the proclamation of Ukraine's independence on August 24, 1991, which had a decisive impact on the development of the state and its present, in order to consolidate Ukrainian society as a European state, coverage of its centuries-old history, important events and personalities of Ukrainian statehood, popularization of national traditions and state symbols of Ukraine and  creation of Ukraine's positive image in the world, Odesa National Scientific Library will host an international scientific-practical conference  on August 19-20, 2021 under the title “Ukraine: History, Culture, Identity".

The aim of the conference, which is part of the Hackathon of National Unity to the 30th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence (Odesa, August 18-22, 2021), is to determine the place and role of institutions and culture, education, science personalities in state-building, social consolidation in Ukraine as European state, in the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of Ukraine as well as the formation of Ukraine's national identity.

You are invited to take part in the international scientific-practical conference "Ukraine: History, Culture, Identity", which will take place in Odesa National Scientific Library online / live.

Participation in the conference by prior registration is free. All registered participants will receive an electronic certificate upon completion of the event.

Travel, accommodation and meals - at the expense of participants.


The subjects under discussion are following:

  • Ukraine's path to state and national-cultural revival: aspects of history;
  • personalities of Ukrainian culture, science and education in the history of Ukrainian state formation;
  • preservation and popularization of the cultural heritage of Ukraine;
  • the role of cultural institutions in ensuring equal access to information, knowledge and cultural heritage of Ukraine and the mankind;
  • innovative practices in the work of cultural institutions in revealing the history and formation of Ukrainian state, the formation of the national idea.
  • national-patriotic education as a priority area of ​​social life of the country, consolidation of society in the development of Ukraine as a European state;
  • the role of national minorities in the development of Ukrainian society;
  • sacred values ​​as the basis of Ukrainian identity.


More information about the event and online registration -

on Library  website:

or by QR code                                                                                                    


 Organizing Committee Address:

13 Pasters st,

65023, Odesa, Odesa National Scientific Library

(048) 723-02-52       



Ariupina Lina Volodymirivna,

Deputy Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee,

Deputy Director General of the ONSL


+380666344221 (viber)


Serdiuk Svitlana Hryhorivna,

Executive Secretary of the Conference,

Head of the Research and Methodological Department of the ONSL +380487232197


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