Books published in Ukrainian during 1923–1945

Pluh: literary almanac / Union of Peasant Writers "Pluh"; editor S. Pylypenko. - Kharkiv: State Publishing House of Ukraine, 1924, 1926, 1927. Almanac 1. - 1924. - 218, [2] p. : il.

“Pluh” ("Plow") - a literary and artistic almanac of the Union of Peasant Writers "Pluh". Published since 1924 in Kharkiv under the editorship of Serhiy Pylypenko (1891-1934), Ukrainian writer and public figure. The almanac published stories, novels, poetry, humoresques, essays, as well as illustrations, cartoons and more. Three issues were published in 1924, 1926 and 1927.

The pages of "Pluh" present a wide range of authors, both members of the Union of Peasant Writers "Pluh" and those whose work is related to village life. Works by Vasyl Stefanyk, Oleksandr Kopylenko, Petro Panch, Ivan Senchenko, Ostap Vyshnya, and others were published. ; poetic works by Oles Donchenko, Ivan Shevchenko, Andriy Paniv, Natalia Zabila and others.

Each of the three issues of “Pluh” contained critical and bibliographic studies. Also, the first almanac of "Pluh" published the Charter of the Union of Peasant Writers "Pluh".

Although the almanacs contained real depictions of Ukrainian village life, the artistic quality of the works was devalued by depicting the illusory "successes" of collectivization, the "prosperity" of artels and communes, and the omission of the real state - the actual destruction of the Ukrainian farmer.

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