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[La Prymodi E. F. de ]. The history of the Black Sea trade in the Middle Ages / [E. F. de la Prymody; trans. from French V. Shostak]. – Odessa: Publ. V. Shostak. Print. L. Nytche, 1850. – Auth. and transl. are indicated in the preface. P. 1. – 156, [1] p.

This book is a free translation of a work of E. F. de la Prymodi, published in French in 1848. The work is divided into two parts. The first one is about the history of the Black Sea trade, the creation of Genoese and Venetian settlements in the Black Sea region and establishing of trade routes to India and China. The translation was made by Vasyl Shostak (?-1862), an Odesa historian, a member of the Society of Agriculture of Southern Russia and Odesa Society of History and olden times.

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