Krylov IA Fables of Krylov / selected and translated by M. Starytsky. - Kiev: Type. M. P. Fritz, 1874. - 48 p. - Appl. to the book: Glibov LI Tales of Leonid Glibov. - 2nd ed., Completed. - Chernigov, 1872.

Recreating the fables of the Russian poet, Mykhailo Starytsky, poet, novelist, playwright, translator, theater and cultural and public figure, sometimes denied morality of primary source ("Cuckoo and Turtledove" - "Cuckoo and Rooster"), or added it from himself ("Bear at Apiary "-"Bear at Bees ").

In many cases, when he was working on the fables of I. Krylov, M. Starytsky filled them with expressive public resonance. An example of this is fable "Roots and Leaves" of Starytsky. The book belongs to the owner’s collection of Ukrainian public figure and bibliographer M.F. Komarov.

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