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Komarov M. F. About Zaporizhzhya liberty / written by M. Komar [pseud.]. – Odesa : published on money from the fund of L. A. Smolenskyi. Print. E. I. Fesenko, 1907. – 40 p. – (Printing house of company "Prosvita" in Odesa, No. 1).

For publication of books of historical content Odesa "Prosvita" created a foundation named after Leonid Smolenskyi (1844-1905), educator, one of founders and curators of Odesa “Prosvita”. The historical essay "About Zaporizhzhya Liberty" was the first book published by the company. The author withstood a difficult battle with censorship to get a permission for publishing of this essay.
One of the edges of a work of Komarov (1844-1913), a famous Ukrainian ethnographer, bibliographer, public figure, – is the popularization of knowledge from the historical past of Ukraine. In his work the author mainly relies on the researches of authoritative experts of the history of Zaporizhzhya and the South of Ukraine – A. O. Skalkovsky, D. I. Yavornytsky and D. I. Bahalii, in which there are a lot of significant material dedicated to life and living conditions of inhabitants of Zaporizhzhya.
A copy of Odesa National Scientific Library was kept in a private library of the author of publication, as evidenced by a seal on the cover and title page.

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