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Mihursky Y.K. Short Chemical Index. Addition to Practical Textbook of photography. - Odessa: Print. L. Nitche, 1859. - 100 p., [2] l. tab. – Bound to book: Mihursky Y.K. Practical Textbook of Photography ... - Odessa, 1859.

Yosyf Karl Mihursky (1830-1898) - a famous Odesa photographer of Polish origin, graduate of the Richelieu Lyceum, actual member of the French and other photographic societies, the author of the first Russian-language textbook of photography. His guide «The Short Chemical Index» is divided into two sections: inorganic and organic compounds. There is also a comparative table for the translation of foreign measures into Russian and vice versa and a catalog of chemical compounds. It is designed for beginners, and its aim is to provide general knowledge of substances that are included in various compounds and solutions for daily use in photographic operations.

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