Book collection MF Komarova (1844-1913)

Franko I. Stolen happiness: a drama from rural life in 5 acts [Electronic copy] / Ivan Franko. 2nd edition - Lviv: Druk. of the Shevchenko Scientific. Shevchenko Publishing House, 1901. - (Literary and scientific library / edited by V. Hnatiuk ; part 24).

"Stolen Happiness" is one of the most popular plays in Ukrainian literature and the most significant for theatre by the prominent Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko (1856-1916). The play reveals the complex aspects of human destiny and morality in the context of nineteenth-century society. The plot revolves around characters who face injustice, loss and hardship.
Franco uses intriguing twists and turns and dramatic situations to explore the psychology of the characters in the context of socio-cultural norms and moral values. The play questions the public perception of happiness, highlighting value contradictions and conflicts.
Thanks to its expressive language and deep understanding of human psychology, Stolen Happiness remains a relevant work that provokes reflections on justice, human values and ways to achieve happiness in difficult circumstances.

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