Book collection MF Komarova (1844-1913)

Franko I.Ya. Stolen happiness: a drama from rural life in 5 acts by Ivan Franko. - 2nd edition. – Lviv: [Printed by Ukr.-Ruska Vid. Unions]. Printing. Science T-va named after Shevchenko. Under the charge of K. Bednarsky, 1901. – 117 p. – (Lit.-Nauk. B-ka [Ukrainian-Russian Publishing Union] / responsible for the editorship of V. Hnatiuk; part 24).

For the first time, Ivan Franko's drama "Stolen Happiness" was printed in the magazine "Zorya" (1894, No. 9). In the same year, the play was published separately in Lviv. The drama was written for a competition that was announced on March 18, 1891 and was supposed to last until the end of September of the same year. Ivan Franko submitted the play on time, but the jury extended the competition. Despite the fierce opposition of the government and "people's" reaction, after long trials and revisions at the request of the competition commission in January 1893, the drama was awarded the second prize and recommended for production. For the first time "Stolen Happiness" was exhibited on the stage of the theater in Lviv on November 16, 1893. Since then, the drama has taken an honorable place in the repertoire of Ukrainian theaters. So, in 1904, the troupe of the Tobilevich brothers staged "Stolen Happiness" in Kyiv.

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