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D.T. The Life of Landlords’ Peasants in Podil, Volhynia and Ukraine: a Historical Description before the Introduction of Common Inventory in the Western Region / comp. by full. sources of D.T. - Kyiv: Print.of I. and O. Davydenko (formerly Valner), 1859. - XII, 56, [1] p.

The essay contains material (with references to sources), about life, socio-economic situation of the rural population of Podilia and Volhynia, peculiarities of land relations between Polish landowners and peasants before the introduction of inventory reform, that was carried out in the 40’s of the 19th century aimed to limit outrage of masters . The study also mentions some aspects of daily life, conservation of customs, rituals, and beliefs of inhabitants of the region, their literacy levels and some historical generalizations.

Life of Russian rural population before the connection of the Western region to Russia
Development of peasant spirit under the Russian rule
Economic situation of peasant life before the introduction of common inventory

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