Piskunov F. Dictionary of the Ukrainian (or South-Russian) language: the work of Fortunat Piskunov. – [Odesa] : Publ. Odesa bookseller E. P. Raspopov, 1873. – [5], IV, [1], 152 p.

This is the first Ukrainian lexicographic work that appeared after the Valuev Circular in 1863. At the beginning of the book there is a Ukrainian alphabet which of course differs from Russian. The dictionary has about 8,000 words in the register, and the author also included a preface and 12 supplements in it. The first supplement – "National Ukrainian Male Names", the second – "National Ukrainian Female Names", in other supplements – fragments of songs and poems.
The dictionary was published by Odesa bookseller E. P. Raspopov. In this way residents of Odesa, with their inherent humor, celebrated a ten-year anniversary of Valuev Circular, which stated that there was no Ukrainian language and it could not be. The fact of the dictionary publication was undeniable argument of existence of the Ukrainian language.
The book has a scientific, historical and cultural value. Bibliographic rarity.

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