Book collection MF Komarova (1844-1913)

Ukrainian songbook : 100 songs with notes / arranged by B. Arsen [A. Y. Bakkalinsky]. – Odessa : Typ. and Chromolite. E. I. Fesenko, 1904. Edition 4. – 132, III p.

The compiler of the collection is B. Arsen, this is a pen name of Ukrainian poet and folklorist Arsen Yakymovych Bakkalinsky (1880-1921). The cover of the work of an outstanding Ukrainian artist Amvrosii Andriiovych Zhdakhy-Smahlii. The book was published on means of the famous Odesa printing house of E. I. Fesenko. The collection contains 103 Ukrainian folk songs.
A copy of Odesa National Scientific Library was previously kept in the private collection of M. F. Komarov (1844-1913), a well-known Ukrainian bibliographer, ethnographer, public figure, as evidenced by the owner's stamp on the cover and on the title page.

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